Pakistan Agriculture Information System
Jan/Mar 2016


Testing Sentinel-1/2 Satellite Images for Monitoring Wheat and Rice Crops and Mapping Flood Extent in Pakistan

Sentinel-2 image for wheat crop masking

The Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) is partner of the Sentinel-2 for Agriculture project. Its contribution to the project regards the testing of Sentinel-2 satellite images to monitor Wheat crop for the whole country. SUPARCO is also conducting tests with Sentinel-1 images to evaluate the mapping of rice crop and flooded areas. more..


Crop Information Portal

Crop Information Portal v.2

Nine members of SUPARCO and CRS of Punjab and Sindh attended an eight-day training on maintenance and use of the newest version of the Crop Information Portal of Pakistan. Following this event, SUPARCO has launched the national version online.

Promotion of Olive Cultivation

Cotton Analytics 2015-16

Kharif 2015-16 was not much favorable season for the cotton crop. In view of crashing prices in September, large number of farmers adopted marginal management especially in case of agrochemicals. Several combined factors resulted in an extensive damage of the cotton crop.


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Land Cover Atlas of KP and FATA Kharif Crop Masks 2014-15 Rabi Crop Masks 2013-14

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What's New

  • Jan, Feb and Mar 2016 PAK-SCMS monthly bulletins on crop situation and seasonal crop forecasting/ estimation are available.
  • FAO has conducted a training on the Crop Information Portal v.2 from 8-17 February 2016.
  • SUPARCO is testing the use of Sentinel-2 satellite images to estimate area and yield for the 2016 wheat crop season.
  • KP land cover atlas and two reports on Rabi and Kharif crop masks are published.
  • SUPARCO's ground survey campaigns for Rabi season 2015-16 in Sindh, Punjab and KP were carried out during February and March 2016. The final crop estimates is scheduled for the first week of April, 2016.
  • SUPARCO validation surveys for yield and area of Wheat crop 2015-16 were carried out during March 2016.
  • SUPARCO's Kharif season ground truth survey will be conducted in the month of June and July 2016.
  • CRS Punjab is carrying out wheat crop surveys: First (1st Jan), Second (31st Mar) and Final estimates (1st Aug). More info here.
  • CRS Sindh estimates Rabi crops as per following schedule: First (survey, 1-15 Jan; estimates, 1 Feb); Second (survey: 14-28 Feb; estimates, 1 Apr);



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