Pakistan Agriculture Information System
October/December 2013

The project: "Agricultural Information System - Building Provincial Capacity in Pakistan for Crop Forecasting, estimation and Reporting based on the integral use of Remotely Sensed Data & GIS Technology" "(Project GCP/PAK/125/USA) focuses on enhancement of current systems for the integral use of remotely sensed data into existing data collection, analysis, and dissemination systems. more..


crop portal GUI

Crop Information Portal

By SUPARCO and FAO, it will support Crop Reporting Services in the dissemination of district based historical data on Pakistan's major crops and agro-meteorological conditions affecting crop growth.


Pakistan's GLAM

The Pakistan's Global Agriculture Monitoring (GLAM) is a MODIS based web application designed and implemented by the University of Maryland (USA) for direct access to MODIS vegetation conditioning and anomalies analysis at different spatial and temporal scales.


Introduction of climate resilient super grain 'Quinoa' in Pakistan

Quinoa is a grain of Latin American high lands of Andes. It is famous for extensive nutritive appraisal in addition to extreme tolerance to stressful conditions like saline and sodic environments.



What's New

     - October 2013
     - November 2013
  • SUPARCO released crops estimates for Kharif season 2013-14 in October 2013
  • CRS Punjab will carry out potato crop estimation from 20th November to 20th December 2013
  • SUPARCO is compiling the "Pakistan Floods / Rains 2013: Rapid Crop Damage Assessment: Series No. 5"
  • SUPARCO has completed the new land cover/ land use database of Punjab and Sindh provinces and has started the mapping of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan
  • Pakistan economic survey 2012-13 has been released by Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan
  • FAO and Government of Pakistan sign a technical cooperation project titled: "Vision 2050: Addressing Challenges to the Agriculture Sector in Pakistan"



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