Pakistan Agriculture Information System
January/March 2014


New land cover/ land use database of Punjab and Sindh provinces.

SUPARCO, in collaboration with FAO-Land and Water Division, has just completed the detailed land cover/ land use database of Punjab and Sindh provinces using Remotely Sensed data and GIS technologies. It represents the first step in a national mapping programme, which aims at producing a comprehensive, harmonized and detailed land cover database for multiple purposes.  more..


crop portal GUI

Importance of timely sowing of wheat crop in Pakistan

Time of sowing is important factor contributing to obtain optimal yield. In Pakistan, wheat is generally sown over a period of 6-8 weeks extending from October to late December. Delayed sowing affect seed germination due to lower soil temperature which resulting in less plants population and yield. Late sown wheat crop also matures early because of less number of Growing Degree Days (GDD), hence yield decreases.


Wheat production enhancement programme for Pakistan

WPEP is a three-year project aiming at enhancing and protecting the productivity of wheat in Pakistan by supporting research on identification, adoption, and optimal agronomic management of new, high yielding, disease-resistant wheat varieties. This is a multi-partner, collaborative research and development programme that includes human resource development.


Role of Information and Communication Technologies for Pakistan's CRSs

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) identified information and communication technologies as a critical factor in scaling sustainable development and achieving the MDGs. The Pakistan Agriculture Information System project is implementing various ICT components.



What's New

     - January 2014
     - February 2014
  • SUPARCO has conducted field data collection and opinion survey campaign for Potato crop in the month of December 2013
  • SUPARCO has started the project for creating specific major crops mask for the whole country
  • CRS Punjab/Sindh has carried out Rabi crops survey as per following schedule.
  • The Crop Information Portal will be officially launched soon
  • SUPARCO field survey campaigns for wheat 2013-14 in Punjab and Sindh is completed and crops statistics generation is in progress
  • The Land Cover Atlases of Punjab and Sindh provinces were published by SUPARCO and FAO.
  • SUPARCO compiled a detailed report on Pakistan Floods / Rains 2013



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