Pakistan Agriculture Information System
Oct/Dec 2014


Pakistan's Agriculture Information System.

Pakistan Agriculture Information System

It concerns the improvement of the capacity of provincial governments to collect, analyze and timely report on agricultural information and strengthening universities to support provincial Crop Reporting Services.  more..


Training of Trainers

Synthesis of available fertilizer trials data for site-specific recommendations and diagnostic survey for low adoption of fertilizer use technology

The project aims to collect and synthesize trail data, develop software for site specific recommendations, develop and maintain a website for data dissemination, capacity development of district staff, and conduct a diagnostic survey for low adoption of fertilizer use technology and imbalance use of nitrogen and phosphorus.

Training of Trainers

Development and application of Decision Support Tools (DSTs) to conserve and sustainably use genetic diversity in indigenous livestock and wild relatives.

Livestock is the mainstay of the socio-economic life of the people in Pakistan. It is the largest sub-sector of agriculture, contributing about 53% of the agriculture value added and sharing 12% of exports. This UNEP-GEF funded project aims to develop and make available effective tools for the conservation and sustainable use of indigenous Farm Animal Genetic Resources (FAnGR) in four Asian countries, including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam and PAKISTAN.


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