Pakistan Agriculture Information System
Jan/Mar 2015


Market Outlook improvement using Commodity balance sheet and Shock Impact Simulation Model (SISMOD) Development for Pakistan.

Pakistan Agriculture Information System

Under the overall objective of the ongoing project to improve the capacity of Pakistan's provincial authorities in effectively handling agricultural information systems, the FAO has taken initiative to assist in introducing and training the provincial authorities to improve market monitoring and outlook.

FAO's Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS) has developed a database of basic food prices and an online food price data analysis tool as part of the Initiative on Soaring Food Prices (ISFP). In this regard certain tools have been developed for situation analysis to assist policy makers including CBS and SISMod.   more..


Training of Trainers

Performance Assessment and Evaluation of an Irrigation System using RS and GIS techniques.

The objectives of the project were 1) to apply an integrated approach of surface and groundwater model for assessing existing irrigation performance (productivity of water) using Remote Sensing, GIS and hydrological models; 2) to evaluate and forecast long-term changes in groundwater movement and groundwater quality in response to different irrigation and or agricultural interventions. 3) to develop strategies for the efficient management of surface and groundwater resources with respect to quantity and quality to improve productivity of water and sustainability of environment.

Training of Trainers

Punjab Irrigated-Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project.

The Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project (PIPIP) has been designed to maximize productivity of available water by adopting a complete On Farm Water Management (OFWM) technological package for minimizing water losses at various levels of tertiary conveyance network and improving its application efficiency at the farm level. The project has been sponsored by Government of the Punjab and World Bank through Agriculture Department and is to be implemented in six (06) years (2011-12 to 2016-17) throughout Punjab.


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  • Deadline: 30.04.2015 Positions under USDA/ICARDA project at the National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC).
  • Deadline: 27-04-2015 Positions for Pakistani Nationals at the Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi.
  • Deadline: 15-03-2015 Positions at the Institute of Space Technology (IST), Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Deadline: 20-01-2015 Positions for Pakistani nationals at the University of Agriculture at Faisalabad.

What's New

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     - Feb 2015
     - Mar 2015
  • SUPARCO's ground information collection survey campaigns for Rabi season 2014-15 were carried out during February and March 2015. Final estimates in April 2015
  • SUPARCO's Kharif season ground truth survey will be conducted in the month of June and July 2015.
  • CRS Punjab will carry out Rabi crops surveys and estimates according to schedule.
  • CRS Sindh will carry out Rabi crops surveys and estimates according to schedule.
  • Scientists from PARC have released four new rust resistant wheat varieties.
  • Two-day PARC & FAO-AAN Share Mela-Farmers was held at NARC.
  • Finalization of SUPARCO project for creating specific major crops mask for the Kharif season crops.
  • SUPARCO is organizing a one week training course on "Crops monitoring through satellite technology" in April 2015 for CRS Sindh and CRS Baluchistan at NCRG Karachi.




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