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Apr/Jun 2015


2014-15 Wheat Crop Estimates

Pakistan Agriculture Information System

SUPARCO released final wheat estimates of Rabi 2014-15 with area at 9.523 million ha, yield at 2831 kg/ha and production at 26.955 million tons. The current Rabi season was highly favorable for the wheat production. The cumulative irrigation water supply was higher than last year and the phosphate application was the highest in five years. more..


Promotion of Olive Cultivation

Promotion of Olive Cultivation for Economic Development and Poverty Alleviation executed by Pakistan Agricultural Research Council.

The Olive Promotional Project is a MoU development project funded by government of Italy and handed over to Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC). Olive is a fruit tree that can be successfully cultivated in different areas of the country, including waste lands. This project aims to: 1) expand the cultivation of olives in selected areas; 2) set up a number of new olive processing facilities completed with supporting infrastructures and equipment; 3) promote the cultivation of olive crop and the use of the olive oil; 4) Stimulate PPP's for the future management of the newly established orchards and oil mills; and 5) Provide training, conduct technical studies and provide assistance to farmers.

Agricultural Innovation Program

Agricultural Innovation Program (AIP) for Pakistan: Establishment of Provincial Agricultural Research Boards in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh and Strengthening of PARB, Punjab.

This is a USAID initiative funded through and managed by the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center in partnership with PARC and other stakeholders. The goal of AIP is to increase crop productivity and production value of livestock, horticultural, and cereal crops. The Agricultural Innovation Program (AIP) for Pakistan is the product of a consultative process led by the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) in its capacity as the leading national facilitating and convening authority for science and innovation in agricultural development for Pakistan.


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  • Deadline: 17.08.2015 Position in PARC, Islamabad on contract basis under "Integrated agricultural production systems for improved food security and livelihood in dry land system at Chakwal site".
  • Deadline: 31.07.2015 Positions in PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi.
  • Deadline: 27.05.2015 Job Opportunity in Department of Weed Science, HEC funded project on Environment Friendly Weed Management in Vegetables.

What's New

     - Apr 2015
     - May 2015
     - Jun 2015
  • SUPARCO released wheat crop 2015 estimates in March (monthly news bulletins)
  • SUPARCO's ground information collection survey campaigns for Kharif season 2015-16 in Sindh, Punjab and KP will be conducted in the month of July and August 2015
  • CRS Punjab will carry out Kharif crops surveys and will release estimates according to the following schedule
  • CRS Punjab and Sindh published Kharif crops estimates as per following calendar
  • SUPARCO completed the project for creating specific major crops mask for the Kharif season crops 2014-15
  • Pakistan economic survey 2014-15 is being released by Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan
  • SUPARCO's first ground truth survey campaigns for Kharif season 2015-16 in Sindh, Punjab and KP will be conducted in August 2015
  • CRS Punjab and Sindh have carried out special crops survey. Sugarcane: 15th - 25th May 2015; Rice Nursery Survey: 15th - 22nd June 2015
  • PARC approved eleven new high-yielding rice varieties including seven hybrid and four Open-Pollinated (OP) seed for cultivation in various ecologies
  • PARC established six laboratories to monitor pesticide residues in the Country




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