Pakistan Agriculture Information System
Jul/Sep 2015


Rice Production and Analytics

Pakistan Agriculture Information System

Crop statistics by provinces and other agencies have usually been manual and manpower intensive with frequent delays in delivery of data. As the system is based on extrapolating the results from small samples, the data produced appear anomalous in cross examination. These shortcomings pose a problem for designing a sound food security policy and crop production system. In this article, rice crop analytics are discussed. more..


Promotion of Olive Cultivation

PARC's Land & Water Resources Research Accomplishments in Balochistan.

Balochistan province is by far the largest in size and the smallest in population. The climate of upland Balochistan is continental semi- arid Mediterranean. Cereal crops in particular wheat are grown by most dryland farmers as dual purpose crop, with the grain is used for human consumption and the straw as animal feed. Yield expectations are low. In this high risk environment agricultural inputs are minimal.

Agricultural Innovation Program

Introduction and Production of Canola Oil in Pakistan.

Since the early 1980s, PARC promoted research on quality improvement of rapeseed oil (Canola) in Pakistan. Canola crop introduction by PARC is a great service to the farming commodities in Potohar region. It is not only helping increase incomes and improve the living standard, but it is also helping keep farming commodity healthy.


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What's New

  • PAK-SCMS BULLETIN: monthly crop situation and seasonal crop forecasting/estimation
     - Jul 2015
     - Aug 2015
     - Sep 2015
  • SUPARCO's first ground information collection survey campaigns for Kharif season 2015-15 in Sindh, Punjab and KPK was conducted from August to 15 September 2015.
  • CRS Punjab carried out Kharif crops surveys and will release estimates according to the following schedule.
  • SUPARCO Kharif crops estimates for the year 2015 will be published in the SUPARCO monthly news bulletins for the month of November 2015.
  • CRS Punjab and Sindh published Kharif crops estimates. See the details here.
  • A training course about the basics of RS and GIS is planned from 26-30th October 2015 in GB Forest department, Pakistan.
  • Land Cover Atlas of Pakistan: KP Province is in final stages of publication.
  • The Inter-Islamic Network on Space Sciences & Technology (ISNET), in collaboration with SUPARCO, is holding a 5-day workshop on Student Satellites on 2-6 November 2015 at Lahore, Pakistan.
  • PARC and PCRWR inked MoU to cultivate olive at large scale in Cholistan and Balochistan.
  • SUPARCO is assisting the Punjab Government in the survey and distribution of financial assistance in the Kissan relief package announced by Prime Minister of Pakistan, using Satellite technology.



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