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Portal's Data Content: Tabular data

crop portal The Pakistan's Crop Portal currently includes data on five main crops (official government source):

  • Wheat (Rabi season) -> picture
  • Cotton (Kharif season)
  • Sugarcane (Kharif season)
  • Rice (Kharif season)
  • Maize (Kharif season)

The crop database includes area, production and average yield at District aggregation, since the year 2000.

The Portal also includes 10 day data averages at District aggregation on agro-meteorological conditions:

crop portal
  • Miniumum Temperature (°C)
  • Maximum Temperature (°C)
  • Precipitation (total mm) -> picture
  • Day length (hr)

The database starts in 1992 for precipitations and 2000 for all other factors.

The Portal includes more data on:

  • NDVI (index, since 2000)
  • Fertilizers offtake (monthly, source National Fertilizer Development Centre)
  • Irrigation - canal withdrawal (10 day average by District, source Indus River System Authority)
  • Irrigation - river water flow (10 day average by Province, source Indus River System Authority)
  • Crop market Prices (10 day average by District, source Provincial Agriculture Economics & Markets directorates)
  • Alternate Crop database (annual by Province, source SUPARCO

Portal's Data Content: Geospatial data

The Pakistan's Crop Portal currently includes locally stored data on:

crop portal
  • NDVI images (10 day averages, since 2000, source SPOT 4) -> picture
  • Map layers:
    1. National, Provincial and District based admin boundaries (source SUPARCO)
    2. Main Populated Places (public source)
    3. Meteo stations (source SUPARCO)
    4. Roads network (public source)
    5. Rivers (public source)
    6. Contours (public source)
    7. Land cover (2000, 2005, 2009, 2010, various sources)
    8. Crop mask (2012, source SUPARCO)
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