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General Architecture

The portal is composed of several web applications that interact with each other. Some of them are used directly by the users (MapStore, Administration Interface).

  • The administration interface is the front-end to update published data and generate statistics from raster images interacting with GeoBatch. It allows to upload and download files and launch some GeoBatch flows on them. Provides also a direct interaction with the database to customize the agrometeorological factors and crops to show inside MapStore.
  • MapStore is the main front-end to generate charts, maps and reports inferring agro-metereological data. Interacts with GeoServer to allow this kind of processing.
    MapStore uses the capabilities of GeoServer to show aggregated data and maps. The filtering and aggregation functionalities are implemented as parametric views on GeoServer. All the parametric views in GeoServer are optimized to aggregate and filter the data in the fastest way. MapStore requires the proper output format to geoserver in order to show tabular data, maps, charts or download CSV files.
achitecture components
Figure: schema of achitecture components
  • GeoStore is used to manage user data that are not directly connected with the model. It allows non-sql REST access database used to store users data and to log their operations.
  • GeoServer is an open source server software that allows users to share and edit geospatial data. Designed for interoperability, it publishes data from any major spatial data source using open standards.
  • GeoBatch is an open source application for the collection, processing and publication of geospatial data in real time. GeoBatch runs flows using files from the filesystem. Depending on the type of flow geobatch interacts with the other components (publish data in geoserver, update database, create csv files...).

There are other small web applications non present in the schema:

  1. highcharts-export: An application that allows to rasterize charts in various formats (pdf, svg, png, jpeg).
  2. http_proxy : A secure proxy that can allow MapStore to get maps from other qualified WMS sources.
  3. xmlJsonTranslate : a container of services required by MapStore grouped in a separated application.

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