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Crop Portal Updates

Here is a summary of the ongoing updates:

  • Improved mapping:
    • Crop map based on AVERAGE of a user defined period.
      - map of 2008-2012 average production for wheat.
    • Crop map of DIFFERENCES (anomalies) of selected year compared to the average of a defined period (see picture 1).
      - map of 2012 minus average 1999-2012 area for sugarcane.
    • User selectable alternative styles and rendering for crop maps.
      - examples for wheat maps.
  • Improved charting:
    • Alternative chart types (lines, bars, areas) and colors.
      - combination of types and rendering.
    • Comparison of different areas for a selected crop for production, yield and area.
      - same chart type (e.g. bars) and colors;
      - combination of alternative chart types (lines, bars and areas) and colors. See picture 2.
      - stack of same chart type (e.g. bars).
    • Comparison of different crops for the same selected region.
      - Chart comparing multiple crop for pruduction, area or yield.
    • Chart composites of different agromet/vegetation factors.
      - Combined precipitation/MIN/MAX temperature.
  • Improved data filtering:
    • User defined season boundaries for Rabi and Kharif in charting factors
      - Jan-Dec NDVI profile combining different chart types;
    • Definition of unit of measure when a crop is created and the database populated.
      - Administration of unit of measures for crop area, production and yield.
    • On-the-fly selection of alternative units of measure for tables and charts.
      - Selection of unit of measures for charting.
  • Improved administration/information:
    • Separate Web section accessible from the main page of the Portal to allow visitors to access static information and data concerning portal's topics and content.
      - Home page Crop Information Portal website.
    • Revised portal administration interface.
      - Administration home page
    • Integration of the Crop Portal with GeoNetwork metadata catalogue software.
      - Geonetwork home page
  • Additional data:
    • Fertilizer uses.
      - Chart of monthly total potash, nitrogen and phosphate offtake in 2010.
    • Crop market prices.
      - Chart of monthly average prices of wheat and rice in Sindh from Jan 2012 to Feb 2015.
    • Water resources: river inflow rate at RIM station.
      - Chart of monthly Indus river inflow rate at Chasmha, 2000-Apr 2015.
    • Water resources: irrigation water supply.
      - Chart of monthly irrigation water supply in Sindh, 2013-2014.
    • Alternative crop databases for comparison with official records.
      - Sample chart (database incomplete: just for testing).

DIFFERENCES (anomalies) of selected year compared to the average of a defined period
Combination of alternative chart types
Comparison of different areas for a selected crop

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