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Sugarcane Production & Analytics

Provincial Sugarcane Production

The sugarcane crop statistics for area sown, as reported by CRS during the five years period of 2005-06 to 2008-09, averaged at 1029.9 thousand hectares. The share of Punjab was 687.6 thousand hectares, Sindh 240.9 thousand hectares, KP 100.8 thousand hectares and Balochistan 0.6 thousand hectares. The average production during the same period was 52.549 million tons. The production of sugarcane in Punjab was 34.087 million tons, Sindh 13.75 million tons, KP was 4.569 million tons and Balochistan was 0.028 million tons.

2005-2008 sugarcane area by province

The Provincial Crop Reporting Services during the year 2011-12 estimated sugarcane area at 1057.5 thousand hectares, with Punjab's share of 761.2 thousand hectares, Sindh 189.7 thousand hectares, KP of 105.9 thousand hectares and Balochistan 0.97 thousand hectares. The country's sugarcane production during this year as estimated by CRS was 58.4 million tons. The production of Punjab was 42.89 million tons, Sindh 10.79 million tons, KP 4.68 million tons and Balochistan 0.031 million tons.

SUPARCO during 2011-12 estimated sugarcane area at 1278.7 thousand hectares, with Punjab's share of 873.4 thousand hectares, Sindh 294.2 thousand hectares and KP of 111.1 thousand hectares. The country's sugarcane production during this year as estimated by SUPARCO was 69.9 million tons. The production of Punjab was 48.4 million tons, Sindh 16.5 million tons and KP 5.0 million tons.

At 10% sugar recovery and 75% crushing rate, the sugar production from a sugarcane production of 58.4 million tons for the year 2011-12 works at 4.38 million tons. The sugar requirement at a per capita rate of 25 kg for a population of 183.7 million for this year works at 4.59 million tons. In addition, Federal Government allowed exports of 300, 000 tons of sugar. However only 109000 tons could be exported in view of the stringent prudential regulations imposed for letters of credit and advance payments imposed by the State Bank of Pakistan. In view of this, sugar mills could only export 109,000 tons of sugar during the sugar year starting from 1st October 2011 to 30th September 2012. The backlog stocks were exported during the next year wherein the exports were 1.06 million tons.

There was more than half a million tons of surplus sugar during the sugar year 2011-12. This requirement can only be met by a sugarcane production level of 69.9 million tons as reported by SUPARCO. In view of the estimates forwarded by SUPARCO the target of sugarcane crop was raised to 68 million tons for the year 2012-13 by the Ministry of National Food Security & Research.

Case Study: Dera Ismail Khan District

A case study was made for sugarcane production and crushing in Dera Ismail Khan District. The production of sugarcane crop in this district mainly started with the commissioning / expansion of Chashma Right Bank Canal (CRBC). The first sugar mill namely Chashma (1) was established in 1991. Since then, the district has 4 sugarmills namely Chashama-1 & 2, Almoeed, and Tandlianwala. These mills crushed 3.159 million tons of cane during the year 2013-14.

Cane Crushed by Sugar Mills (2013-14) in D.G.Khan

The profile of the KP cane crop reported by the provincial chapter of the Sugarmills Association shows that for every 100 tons of cane produced by farmers, 70 tons were crushed by the mills and 30 tons were used for gur making, seed and fodder for cattle. Thus the farmers' production of sugarcane during the year 2013-14 from where the quantity of 3.159 million tons came for crushing works at 4.51 million tons on the assumption of 70 percent crushing. The statistics further shows that out of the cane crushed 60 percent comes from D.I. Khan District and 40 percent is supplied by Bhakkar district. This makes a share from farmers of D.I. Khan at 2.71 million tons out of 4.51 million tons of cane. Assuming a yield level of 56 tons per ha, the area of sugarcane in D.I.Khan works out at 48.3 thousand ha.

Sugarcane Area worked back from cane Crushed in D.I.Khan 2013-14

The studies of sugarcane by SUPARCO through satellite image classification indicate an area of 46 thousand ha under sugarcane crop. The Provincial Crop Reporting Service has indicated an area of 10.3 thousand ha that is only 22 percent of the actual area in the district. This reflects that the crop statistics methodology in the province needs to be improved.

The classified satellite image of sugarcane crop and for D.I.Khan and data reported by the Provincial Crop Reporting Services are given below:

Image of sugarcane crop for D.I.Khan

Crushing of sugarcane in Sindh

A case study of sugarcane production and crushing was made between the periods of 1999-2013. The allowance of 15% was deducted to account for seed, fodders and waste requirements. The data show that the cane availability was lower by about 4 to 15 % than the cane crushed. This is anomalies and needs rectification.

Sindh: Sugarcane Production & Crushing- million tons

 Sindh : Cane Crushed as % of available after deducting 15% for Seed

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Sep 2, 2015 - A new amendment (no. 3) was signed by USDA and FAO to formalize a no-cost extension of the project GCP/PAK/125/USA from Oct 1, 2015 to Sep 30, 2016.

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